(iPhone User)HOW TO SET UP YOUR SMART LED STRIP KIT?(STEP 4-- Add your home wifi network to magic home app)

After the previous step, although you are able to control the light strip by magic home app, however, since the wifi you connected has no internet access, you will need to add your home wif so that you have more stable app control of the light strip and have internet access as well.

So let's get started!

1.at the magic home app homepage, click "+" on the upper right corner, then click "Connect light to Wi-Fi Network" to go to a list of wifi network available around you.

yihong smart light stripyihong smart light strip

2. select your home wifi network, and enter password(Note: Make sure you enter the correct wifi password)

yihong smart led strip

3. it could take a minute to connect, after the process ends, you can re-name your light and then directed to the app control page.

yihong smart light strip

4. after this step, you shall have full control of the light through your magic home app while your phone have access to the internet. (Note: At this stage, the wifi signal of the wifi controller disappeared from your wifi list, you will need to perform unplug-plug factory reset to make it visible again)


Trouble shooting tips:
Sometimes, you may notice that after you finish the above step, you get only 4 functions of the app, instead, music and mic function is missing, like this:


That is because your phone is not connected to the same wifi network you've connected through magic home app at step 2.

check the screenshot more carefully, you may find that it shows that right now my cellphone is using 4G cellular network instead of wifi network.

How to solve this issue?

go to your cellphone wifi setting, connect the same wifi network you've connected through magic home app earlier, then everything will work perfectly.



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