(iPhone User)HOW TO SET UP YOUR SMART LED STRIP KIT?(STEP 3-- Connect the wifi signal of the wifi controller)

At the previous step, you've already created you magic home account and successfully log onto it, now it's time to set up the app to control your smart light strip.

Before you do anything with the app, power on your light strip first; once you plugged the power adapter, the light strip will flash from red to green to blue. you can use the included the remote to set it to a solid color if you prefer, but remember to pull out the plastic tab which was inserted at the bottom of the remote.

Now, you light strip is hooked, open your cellphone wifi setting, and search and connect a wifi network named like"LEDnetxxxxx", this is the wifi signal emitted by the wifi controller.(note: you do need to be close to the wifi controller when search for its wifi signal to ensure that you gets steady and strong wifi connection).

set up yihong smart light strip 1

After you successfully connected the wifi signal, go to your magic home app homepage, pull the page down to refresh, then you should see there is a light name as"Controller xxx" listed.


Click the list to enter control page, right now you have 5 functions as below, which are COLORES,CCT,FUNCTIONS,MIC,MUSIC,CAMERA

yihong smart light strip yihong smart light strip yihong smart light strip yihong smart light strip yihong smart light strip

At this stage, although you are able to control the light strip from your magic home app, however, as the wifi network"LEDnetxxx" you connected has no access to the internet, your phone will lose internet connection; so let continue to set up for more functions. 





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